Great speakers are great ‘performers’

Having the ability to speak with clarity, conviction and passion is possibly the single most important business tool at your disposal, and I will ensure that when you deliver your message you will always appear confident, ‘professional’, at ease, and in control.


Personal Impact
Developing your levels of Presence and Charisma

We ‘perform’ in all areas of our lives, and without doubt, one of the most important social and business skills is consistent and effective communication.
The Performer needs imagination, perception, sensitivity, purpose and charisma.
The Director needs to guide, encourage and strengthen. His talent is getting other people to use theirs.

Professional performers have ‘emotional presence’. They have the proven ability to inspire, excite, entertain, educate or move us.

These are all transferable skills, and have direct and powerful applications in the worlds of business, politics, education and organisations in general. Like professional performers, it is essential that you are confident, energetic, empathetic, inspirational, credible and authentic, and just as I need to bring out the best in my ‘performers’, I will seek to bring out ‘the best’ in you.

Who is it for?
Anyone who feels they would like to have a more professional attitude and approach to communicating and ‘performing’, would like to always be on top of their material with fail-safe presentation structures, and who would like to understand the physical skills, proven methods, thought-processes and mental disciplines of the professional performer, by combining the processes of ‘practical application’ and ‘the psychology of performing’.

‘Tricks of the trade’
The training also offers an interesting selection of professional insights to help with the technical processes of; correct breathing, voice production and projection, importance of relaxed vocal area, transference of tension, and diction.

Introductory ‘taster’ meeting.
To find out how we can best work together, I am happy to meet for about 20 or 30 minutes to discuss your specific company and delegate requirements and to offer a brief demonstration of my working methods.

“The Personal Impact workshop was inspirational –
Ron offers tips and tricks that improve ones performance.”

Nigel Ledger, HR Director, HBJ Gateley Wareing LLP