My first Spotlight photo – how could I fail?
My professional debut in ‘Wait Until Dark’ –
I was an Acting ASM with the Plymouth Theatre Company.
Cyril the Fiddler in the children’s musical ‘Old King Cole’
– what a fine figure of a man!
‘The Rainmaker’ – I look fed up –
probably because I didn’t get a hat or a gun!
One of my more subtle performances!
‘Night Must Fall’ – working with my wife-to-be-Di
(not the one in the wheelchair)
Slightly miscast playing this young lady’s father.  The local critic said, ‘…….the only disappointing thing about the whole evening was Ron Aldridge’s performance’!
‘The Gingerbread Man’ – children’s musical by David Wood – I played the Saltpot – and I just loved it!
A pensive Salt!
A Francis Durbridge thriller –
I think the suit sort of came on before me!
My James Bond audition – I didn’t get the part – probably should have had a bigger gun!
‘Children’s Day’ – lapels and moustache to the fore!
‘Funny Peculiar’ – playing the Baker in the most brilliantly written 13 minute slapstick scene!
‘The Lady From The Sea’ – Henrik Ibsen –
working again with my wife-to-be-Di –
I think it was the trousers that did it!
‘There’s a Girl in my Soup’ – wonderful play –
scene stealing part!
‘Bedroom Farce’ – Alan Ayckbourn –
another wonderful play.
‘Rattle of a Simple Man’ –
the brutal brother!
‘Living Together’ – Alan Ayckbourn again –
wife-to-be-Di again!
Children’s musical ‘Old King Cole’ –
Cyril the Fiddler getting his comeuppance!
‘Children of a Lesser God’ – playing James Leeds – the part that changed my life – the biggest part written for an actor – name up in lights at the Albery Theatre in the West End of London – what more could anyone want?
‘Children of a Lesser God’
‘Children of a Lesser God’
‘Children of a Lesser God’
‘Aladdin’ – the evil Abanazar! 
Anneka doesn’t look very scared though does she?
‘Run For Your Wife’ –
brilliant farce by Ray Cooney – first time I did it –
Summer season at Bournemouth
‘Run For Your Wife’ – first West End cast!
‘Run For Your Wife’ – another West End cast!
TV Film ‘Fool’s Gold’ –
the eyes in the front balaclava belong to Sean Bean!
Long live us old rockers!

A Further Selection of Memories

‘What a wonderful job! 
Two wonderful Hollywood superstars –
I played the wonderful part of Murray the Cop –
and all at the wonderful Haymarket Theatre!’

Various productions – Bournemouth and Vancouver!

(Above) Watercolour of the front of the Duchess Theatre by Ray’s wife, Linda Cooney.

Cartoon of me playing ‘Scruffy Troughton’
in ‘Run For Your Wife’,
drawn by Lionel Jeffries.

Various productions of ‘Funny Money’ – Playhouse Theatre in the West End and a Far and Middle East Tour – also did productions in Eastbourne, a UK Tour, and Tel Aviv!