1 or 2 day workshops, delivered in-house, tailored to your specific needs and ideal for small groups of up to 6 delegates.

This bespoke training is designed to help you develop the level of your personal performance in any and every area of your business experience, whether you are communicating one-to-one, in front of a small group, or to a full conference hall.


Personal Impact and Performance Training

It is vital to understand and to be able to ‘control’ any feelings of nervousness, insecurity and lack of confidence that you have, and to ensure that these feelings do not ‘inhibit’ your performance. If you are not ‘inhibited’, your true potential can come to the fore. I will ensure you achieve this.

By 1. performing ‘at your best’, 2. focusing on your audience and not yourself , and 3. being ‘self-aware’ and not ‘self-conscious’, will ensure that you always appear confident, ‘professional’, at ease, and in control.

What are the benefits?
• Guarantee of significant improvement in communication, presentation and speaking skills.
• Work teams or mixed groups from across the company interact, work together and learn from each other.
• Practical guidance from a professional, working theatre director.
• Professional, constructive and individual feedback.
• Training tailored to company or team objectives.
• Developing a more ‘professional’ attitude and approach when communicating.

All the teachings are influenced by proven, professional theatre disciplines, principles and techniques, and areas covered include;
• Understanding the ‘Ideal Performing State’.
• Mastering a few technical ‘tricks-of-the-trade’.
• Mastering 3 essential professional performing techniques.
• How to always ‘remember your lines’.
• How to deal with ‘nerves’.
• How to combat ‘self-conscious behaviour’.
• How to ensure your message has ‘power’.
• How to rehearse until ‘you can’t get it wrong’.
• Understanding the ‘responsibility’ of the performer to the audience.~
• Understanding of the ‘vital first minute’.

"Truly confidence-building"