Professional performers have presence, power, passion, commitment and impact.

So can you...

Personal Impact
Developing your levels of Presence and Charisma

This bespoke training is designed to help you develop the level of your personal performance in any and every area of your business experience.

I am a professional theatre director with 30 years first-hand experience, both positive and negative, of professional performers under pressure. I know how to deal with this pressure, I know the techniques to employ, I understand the professional disciplines required and I know how to ensure these pressures do not inhibit the performance. For the last 15 years I have combined my various theatre activities with teaching these ‘Personal Impact and Performance’ Skills Programmes to a wide range of business organisations, helping people to become ‘complete performers’

“The combination of the practical issues together with the ‘psychology of performing’
was challenging, fun and hugely rewarding.”