These one-to-one sessions are completely tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements, and confidentiality is assured. I will work with you as a director works with actors to ensure you are equipped to maintain a consistent and high level of performance. Actors have a ‘standard’ of work. They may occasionally fly above this standard, but they will never go below. This should be the same for you.


One-to-One Coaching

When can you use one-to-one coaching?
• To troubleshoot specific aspects of your performance.
• When speaking and presenting effectively becomes a critical factor in your career progression.
• To prepare for specific keynote speeches or presentations.
• When you need to persuade and influence people at the highest corporate or political level.
• When your profession requires a consistent and sustained speaking performance of the highest standard.
• To launch and sustain a professional speaking career.

What are the benefits?
• Develop into a ‘complete’ performer.
• Develop ‘presence’ and ‘charisma’.
• Develop sustaining ‘inner’ confidence.
• Feel more secure under pressure.
• Increase your credibility and power of performance.

Working formats.
An initial 3 or 4 hour session, followed by an agreed ongoing sequence of sessions, if and when required.

“Never felt more secure.”