I am an experienced business speaker with a selection of entertaining, anecdotal and motivational speaking topics that are regularly used for conference days, business meetings and events.


Motivational Speaking

Speaking Topics

"Perform At Your Best"

Actors on a first night are frightened, vulnerable, insecure, tense and very nervous. But they don’t show it. They understand the need to control these feelings, and not allow negativity to dominate and inhibit their performance. “Perform At your Best” is designed to help you understand and be able to apply the mental disciplines, thought-processes and proven methods of the professional performer, with special focus on the key areas of nerves, confidence, audience and performance, and can benefit anyone, whatever their level of experience.

"The Show Must Go On"

Night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year the show goes on! It requires a huge team of people to ensure this always happens – cast, production team, stage crew, designer, wardrobe, lighting, sound, marketing, publicity, administration – and a director to ensure all these people hit their deadlines. And they do hit their deadlines,
because there’s no choice! The curtain must go up on time. The Show Must Go On uses a series of famous theatrical sayings to illustrate the disciplines required, the need to accept and be adaptable to change, and how to consistently hit your deadlines.

“Selling For Those Who Don't Like To Sell”

We all have to sell, in one form or another - but what if you don't like selling? What if you find yourself inhibited and vulnerable about the whole selling experience? Selling For Those Who Don't Like To Sell is designed to help you re-think the process, and to remove the word “sell” from your business vocabulary. The idea from now on is that you “Don't sell to sell!”

“Humour In The Workplace”

There's nothing better than hearing an audience laugh. Just a chuckle or two is fine as well. But the risk is always there. What if they don't laugh? That's why comedy, when it works, is so rewarding. Humour In The Workplace is designed to help you understand the disciplines, rhythms and structures of comedy and how to introduce them safely into your working environment and presentations.

“Ron Who?”

I've been in the entertainment business for 30 years, working with the famous and the infamous. I've coped with drunken co-stars, dodgy divas, a giggling Sean Bean and a “gurning” Les Dawson, and have a fund of experiences to share with you. Ron Who is a theatrically-based, humorous, anecdotal and “name-dropping” entertainment about a “nearly-famous” actor.

“Great fun!”

“A truly refreshing bonus to the day.”

“I’m still quoting from ‘The Show Must Go On’ six months later.”

“Effective combination of education and entertainment.”

“Hugely entertaining.”