Three's a Crowd:

A play for two people, has been translated into Flemish
and the World Premiere will be presented in Belgium and Holland in 2012/2013 by Paljas Productions.

The Flemish title is ‘Drie is Teveel’, starring Myriam Bronzwaar and Erik Goris.

Currently looking to secure a UK Premiere.

Tom – Early 50’s
Lizzie – Early 50’s

Act One – Hotel Garden
Act Two – Hotel Bedroom

The style is ‘open-plan’ for both settings, the atmosphere being created by furniture and dressings.

Author’s note:
The ‘miming’ is an essential element of the piece, and will need to be performed expertly throughout.

Tom, Lizzie and Barnsey, an entangled triangle, have been friends, on and off, for over 40 years.
Following Barnsey’s funeral, Tom and Lizzie are given a bag of items that Barnsey has left for them.
These ‘items’ are a selection of souvenirs and mementos he has collected throughout their
complex relationships and with which he hopes to gain forgiveness from them.
Looking back with these mementos, Tom and Lizzie play their younger selves at various ages
as their story unfolds in this poignant and very funny play.

A story of life, love, jiltings, regrets and Batman pants!