Guilty Pleasures:

World Premiere UK Tour Produced and Directed by
Stephen Leatherland for Theatre-Productions Ltd will open 19th
April 2012 at Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth.


Theatre-Productions Present
‘Guilty Pleasures’
Written by Ron Aldridge
Directed by Stephen Leatherland

‘Guilty Pleasures’ is the next ‘laugh out loud’ comedy play
from the Producers of the UK smash hit comedy
‘The Naked Truth’.
This comedic farce is set in the G.C. Spa, where the owner is a man,
and the workforce a dedicated team of hunky studs!

In this ‘role-reversal’ comedy, our hero, G.C., runs a highly successful and very discreet business providing some ‘essential personal services’ for ‘discerning’ ladies, using a hand-picked team of reliable studs, who are able to cope with, “a female age range from 18 to 80 and a shape variation that would frighten Genghis Khan!”

Three services are offered, however the women sometimes get more than they bargained for, but they are all designed to ensure that G.C.’s motto, ‘Satisfaction and pleasure guaranteed’, is keenly observed at all times.
Into this heady mix, there inadvertently blunders a student doing a thesis on the connection between
high art and sensuality.
The resultant chaos caused by the increased demands for this ‘cultural sexual fantasy’ provides a comedy romp of the highest order, with thonged studs and wronged women, and proof that Shakespeare was indeed ‘the finest exponent of the subconscious sexual vibration in our complete artistic history’.

A percentage of G.C.’s profits go to raising awareness and money for The Everyman Prostate Cancer Charity, as one of the men reveals he has testicular cancer, a more dramatic and serious side to the piece emerges.

This very funny, sometimes tender World Premiere, will ensure that your evening is full of ‘Guilty Pleasures.

“A lively and bawdy romp!”    “Saucy fun!”