You're Only Young Twice:

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‘You’re Only Young Twice’ was first presented by Eastbourne Theatres in association with Paul Farrah on August 21st 2001 at the Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne.

The cast was as follows:

SUE - Linda Regan
RICHARD - Tony Verner
TOM - Victor Spinetti
JULIA - Carmen Silvera
ROSE - Judy Cornwell
GRACE - Margaret Ashcroft

Directed by Ron Aldridge
Designed by Julie Godfrey
Lighting designed by Gavin Davis
Associate Producer Ian Fricker

It’s a familiar story – running around with a gang, late-night drinking parties, loud music, out all hours and not getting out of bed until the afternoon.  Sue and Richard have all these problems, and it’s driving them crazy.  But it’s not problems with a teenage son – it’s Sue’s dad Brooksie!

A recent widower, Brooksie and his gang from the Over 60s Club are finding delight in recapturing their youth.

Brooksie has moved in with his daughter after the death of his wife Grace.  His best friend Tom is about to marry the widow Julia, despite her friend Rose’s disapproval because Tom is easily influenced and quickly falling under the spell of Brooksie’s new unruly lifestyle and motto, “You’re  only as young as you feel.”  Despite Rose’s protestations, the wedding plans move forward until a particularly heavy stag night and several indiscretions later, everything is thrown into confusion and Brooksie suddenly starts feeling his age……….

Was translated and presented in Feb. 2001 at the Comedy Theatre,
Kassel, Germany, and played in Bad Konig and Berlin during 2002/2003. 
Continues being performed by various German amateur companies.
Was translated and presented in Belgium Spring 2004.
Was presented Easter 2004 at The Mill at Sonning.
Translated into Hungarian and is currently running in Budapest, 2011.
Opened in Israel December 2008.  Tour completed September 2009.
Has also been translated and performed in Swedish and Swiss-German.
Continues being performed by various amateur companies throughout the UK.


“Wonderfully funny world premiere………
Brian Murphy is quite brilliant as the tearaway pensioner…………
as in all good comedies, there is a hint of pathos running throughout……….
easy on the ear and a delight to the eye………….
a wonderful celebration of age, with some wonderful old stagers. 
Brian Murphy, Victor Spinetti, Judy Cornell and Carmen Silvera, young at heart all,
give the audience an evening of charm, hilarity, tenderness and joy……..
a feel-good evening not to be missed!” 

“This highly enjoyable play has an abundance of the feel-good factor and laughs aplenty,
in showing that living life to the full is not only for the young.”

“Brian Murphy and Victor Spinetti, a double act in the making –
just perfect as they decide to grow old disgracefully,…………
haven’t heard an audience laugh so much for a long time……………
you will shed tears of laughter and have the occasional lump in your throat – a total joy.”

“Perfect way to spend an Autumn evening……………
a consummate performance of comedy timing by Murphy.” 

“The jokes are a bit over-60 too, but you won’t have a more enjoyable evening
in the theatre this year – the young-at-heart cast are a sheer delight!”

“The impressive comic combination of Murphy, Spinetti, Cornwell and Silvera
add immense weight to what is a truly lovely play.”